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Most new items added are upcoming and not yet in stock. Feel free to order and reserve.


PLEASE NOTE: As of 7/8/2011 we will not show most out-of-stock items.  This means that we will only list items on the store that are currently in stock. So, when your order is shipped. All the items you ordered will be in one package. If you have back ordered items before this date we will ship them out as usual when they come in.  An easier way to view what's back in stock is check the Daily Updates on the homepage.

How do I place an order?
- The OMEGA offers thousands of CDs to choose from, including a vast selection of vinyl, apparel, magazines, DVDs, etc.
- You don't have to register to browse the catalog, but you should create an account to be able to order from our webstore. After that you can place future orders by simply logging in to your customer account using your username and password.
- Your account is yours forever; you can use this to check your order status, keep track of your account history, update your profile with shipping and billing info, and contact us with questions or comments.
· Note: You do not need to register if you are using paypal or an offline form of payment (Checks, Money Orders, Cash *Cash is not recommended)

How does the billing work?
- The entire payment for the total of the order is billed up front at the time the order is placed, regardless of the status of the items being purchased. There are no additional charges for items pending or shipping costs once the order has been submitted.

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit Cards
We accept: Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover
*Note: Customers may be subject to verification in our system if paying with a credit card.
PayPal is available through the webstore, click the PayPal link while proceeding through check out.
* Be sure to continue all the way through checkout with PayPal for your order, DO NOT tab back and forth in your browser and also make sure the payment amount matches your order amount, if these procedures are done incorrectly, your payment will fail to attach to the order and we will have to cancel it as it will be unable to be processed and billed for shipment.
- Google checkout
Google Checkout is available to shoppers with billing addresses in a number of locations.
Other Payment Options

U.S. Cash, U.S. Checks, Money Orders
(Please use this

I just placed an order, what happens next?
- First you will receive an email of the order confirmation number after it has been submitted successfully; It will also show as a pending Sales Order under your customer account history. If there is a problem with the order, such as a failure of payment or incorrect billing/shipping info, the order will not be able to be submitted. In such a case, check the error notifications to see what you made need to correct.
- Next a Cash Sale will be processed under your account as the receipt for your order, this receipt is confirmation that you have successfully been billed for your order and the items are now ready to begin being processed for shipment.
- Both the Sales Order and the Cash Sale receipt will have their own confirmation numbers, be aware that it is not a double billing and the Sales Order and Cash Sale receipt are separate records for the same order.
- When in stock items are being processed for shipment, you will receive Fulfillment emails for those items being shipped out from your original Sales Order. Only those items currently in stock and ready to ship will be fulfilled, anything not currently in stock will remain pending on your Sales Order.

PLEASE NOTE: As of 7/8/2011 we will not show most out-of-stock items.  This means that we will only list items on the store that are currently in stock. So, when your order is shipped. All the items you ordered will be in one package. If you have back ordered items before this date we will ship them out as usual when they come in.  An easier way to view what's back in stock is check the Daily Updates on the homepage.

· Note for Cancellations: we have to manually cancel any order for the customer, if you need something cancelled please contact us here.

What is a Sales Order?
- The Sales Order is the initial record that your order has been successfully submitted and is pending in our system

What is a Cash Sale?
- The Cash Sale is the record that you have been billed and is the receipt for your purchase

How long will it take to get my order?
- For in stock items, orders are generally shipped within 48 hours (2 business days) after they have been billed. Delivery times will vary depending on the status of your items, the method of shipping chosen for the order, and your location in relativity to our warehouse in Brooklyn, NY. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery before inquiring about any undelivered shipments.
- Tracking is available for only those shipping methods applicable.
- Back-ordered items can remain pending up to a maximum of 3 months, at which point they are then canceled or closed out. Customers will receive a refund for the cost of any item that could not be procured within this 3 month window of time. Our buyers cycle through the thousands of titles on order and do their best to restock items as quickly as we are capable of obtaining them.
- Pre-ordered items generally ship the week before the release date of the item, unless otherwise stated by the band, it's label or management, or if receipt of product is delayed. Pre-order items may not always be delivered by the release date.
- For a full list of our shipping methods and their respective delivery time estimates, click

How does Pre-order work?
- The OMEGA's pre-order feature allows you to place an order for upcoming items and reserves them for future delivery. 
- Pre-order items will show as OUT OF STOCK on the website, for just that reason, they are not currently in stock yet. The pre-orders remain pending in the same way a backorder does, and will be processed when the item comes into stock at our warehouse. Please understand that sometimes there are issues with manufacturing, or, the band decided not to sign the booklets, or we got 3,000 orders in one day. We will try and get all the pre-orders out one week before release. Sometimes there are issues. We will always email you if there is something wrong.

What does my orders status mean?
- Pending Fulfillment: Your item is on order and not currently in stock .
- Partially Fulfilled: Some of your items have been fulfilled and shipped, some of them are not currently in stock and are still pending on your order.  After 7/8/2011, this should no longer happen, Unless you preordered something at the same time as ordering something else.
- Billed: All of the items on your order have been fulfilled and shipped.
- Closed: Your pending items have been closed out and are no longer on order. A refund will also accompany closed out items.
- VOID: The order has been canceled.
· Note for Cancellations: we have to manually cancel any order for the customer, if you need something cancelled please contact us here.

Why is my item not factory sealed?
- If you have received a CD that is not factory sealed, you most likely ordered an import title or an item from a small or independent vendor. Keep in mind the more obscure the band is, the more likely the packaging will have been assembled by hand. Regardless, the CD is brand new and never played.
- In the event of vinyl orders, if it is open we will package it with the LP on the outside of the sleeve. This prevents the LP from splitting the sleeve as it shifts during shipment. We also try to include a dust jacket for every LP if it does not already have one.
- If an item appears to be damaged, we will also open it to ensure it is still in worthy condition for resale and replace any components needed before shipment.

Do you have a return policy?
- We want all our customers to be happy with their purchases. However, please note that we are not responsible for orders that arrive to you damaged by the shipping courier or manufacturing defects. We will never ship you a damaged item; any damaged or missing packages should be reported to your local Postmaster (or appropriate courier). - If you receive an item other than what you ordered simply contact us through the customer service form located here. All returns for wrong items will get a new copy of the correct item upon receipt of the damaged item in return. - To return an item include an explanation of why the item is being sent back and mail the item standard post to the following address:

The End Records/Omega mailorder
Attn: Returns
88-61 76th Ave, 2nd FL.
Glendale, NY 11385

Note: Make sure you know what you're buying before purchasing. We will not refund an item based on personal distastes! 

Why won't my download work?
- Our downloads are available as ZIP files. A ZIP file contains one or more files that have been compressed to reduce file size. Opening these files will depend on your computer type and the software you are utilizing to run it.
- Compressing multiple files into a single zip file is a common way to store and share large amounts of data. But if you attempt to open these files on a computer without Winzip or an equivalent unzipping program, you'll receive an error message. Follow these steps to retrieve the files without purchasing or installing special software:
1. Right-click on the Zip file you want to open.
2. Choose the Explore option from the menu that appears.
3. Left-click and drag your mouse in the new window to highlight all of the files.
4. Right-click any file and select "Copy" from the menu that appears.
5. Right-click an empty space in your desired destination file for these compressed files, and click "Paste" from the menu that appears.
· Note: you need to have an established customer account to access your download, if you are having problems, please contact customer support.

How do I change my billing/shipping info?
- You can edit any of the billing and shipping info for your customer account by logging into your account and clicking the CUSTOMER CENTER tab at the top of the page. This will bring you to a table of options under your account. Under SUPPORT, click on the EDIT PROFILE link.
- This link will redirect you to an area to edit all of your customer info with a table of contents in the upper left hand corner.
- Fill out your info in the appropriate fields and then click the CONTINUE tab at the bottom of the page; the info you just filled out will now be saved under your customer account.
· Note: For orders, we have to manually change this info for you. It is easiest to first edit and save this info under your customer account, then we can apply it directly to your order from there.

Why can't I enter my address?
If you are having trouble entering your country for an order, here are a few tips you can do to ensure you have the info entered and are able to select the correct shipping options for your shipping address:

- You need to first create a customer account with our site and enter your info there first before trying to place an order. This will automatically load your info from your account to any order you place.
- When filling out the address form for your account or an order, be sure to list your country first before filling out any other field.
- When placing your order, in the shipping methods during checkout, click on the drop down under "Carrier" and select "More." This will bring up the multiple shipping methods and allow you to fill out your address correctly if it has not already uploaded from your account.

How can I contact customer service?
- For customer service, contact us via email through the case form located on our site here. You can also access this form through your own customer account and all email records will remain accessible directly through your history.
- By phone: 1-646-240-4324 10am to 5pm North American Eastern time

· Please Note: The above number is our warehouse line! We try to answer every call, but we do not operate a huge call center or use outsourced customer service. If we miss your call we are most likely pulling your orders or packaging them up, or maybe a huge shipment just showed up. Things get crazy sometimes. Regardless leave a detailed message with all of your info, or just use the contact form above or both, and we'll get back to you asap.

Can my Records (LP's) be removed from the shrink wrap and the sleeves to prevent seem splits during shipping ?

- Yes, if requested we will happily remove records that are factory sealed. If you would like your records removed from the factory seal and shipped out of the sleeves please request so in the order comments. 


- Any order that is suspected of fraud will be automatically refunded without question.

- Do to so many fraudulent orders coming from Indonesia, we are no longer shipping there.