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EPHEL DUATH - Through My Dog's Eyes (CD/DVD) on sale

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  • Label: Earache

    Genre: Metal (Avant-Metal)

    Format: CD

EPHEL DUATH - Through My Dog's Eyes (CD/DVD)
Very few bands can play metal as weird and utterly original as Ephel Duath and remain listenable, and 'Through My Dog's Eyes' sees them doing just that. A bit less obtuse and disorienting than their previous album, but still just as amazing. Features Marco Minnemann on drums and comes with a DVD featuring leader Davide Tiso explaning the concept behind the album and the various inner workings of this enigmatic band.


01. Gift
02. Promenade
03. Breed
04. Silent Door
05. Bella Morte
06. Nina
07. Guardian
08. Spider Shaped Leaves
09. Bark Loud