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CHARING CROSS - We Are...Charing Cross on sale

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  • Label: Metal Heaven

    Genre: Metal (Heavy Metal)

    Format: CD

CHARING CROSS - We Are...Charing Cross
After an EP in 2005, this melodic heavy metal finally bursts forth with their debut album. Classy stuff that borders between hard rock and heavy metal, with catchy and thoughtful songwriting. A great pick for fans of bands like Krokus, Dokken and Gotthard.

01. Final Day
02. Kick Ass Rock N' Roll
03. Burn The Sun
04. Ain't Got No Time
05. Can't Have It All
06. Voices
07. Goin' Down
08. Long Time Ago
09. Palace Of Fate
10. Forever Rockin'
11. Broken
12. Vanished Memories