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LORDI - Get Heavy w/bonus on sale

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  • Label: The End

    Genre: Rock (Hard Rock)

    Format: CD

LORDI - Get Heavy w/bonus
Catchy and entertaining, the first full length album by Finnish hard rock monster act, LORDI now available for the first time in North America. Includes an exclusive bonus track.

“Not since the days of 'Kiss Meets the Phantom' has heavy metal anthems and theatrics gone hand in hand so splendidly.” – BILLBOARD.COM

“Lordi plays some of the catchiest and infectious anthemic arena rock today.” – BW&BK

01. Scarctic Circle Gathering
02. Get Heavy
03. Devil Is A Loser
04. Rock The Hell Outta You
05. Would You Love A Monsterman?
06. Icon Of Dominance
07. Not The Nicest Guy
08. Hellbender Turbulence
09. Biomechanic Man
10. Last Kiss Goodby
11. Dynamite Tonight
12. Monster Monster
13. 13
14. Don’t Let My Mother Know