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MISSION UK, THE - God Is A Bullet (bonus tracks) on sale

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  • Label: Cooking Vinyl

    Genre: Rock

    Format: CD

MISSION UK, THE - God Is A Bullet (bonus tracks)
The latest, and possibly the last, album by the mighty Mission Uk. This version comes with 3 bonus tracks.

01. Still Deep Waters
02. Keep It In The Family
03. Belladonna
04. To Love & To Kill With The Very Same Hand
05. Aquarius & Gemini
06. Blush
07. Chinese Burn
08. Father
09. Hdshrinkerea
10. Draped In Red
11. Running With Scissors
12. In Silhouette
13. Dumb
14. Absolution
15. Grotesque
16. Whetherman (Bonus)
17. Chelsea Blue (Bonus)
18. Thine (Bonus)