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DEATHCON - Monotremata on sale

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  • Label: Dark Essence

    Genre: Metal (Death Metal)

    Format: CD

DEATHCON - Monotremata
With their origins in the defunct Cult Of Catharsis, Deathcon rises renewed with the punishing 'Monotremata'. Their lineup consisting of Aeternus, Helheim, Grimfist and ex-Taake members, Deathcon is a brutal death metal band who take their influences from the heaviest and darkest death and thrash metal bands from the '80s.

01. Existence Futile
02. Waste Of Life
03. Monotremata
04. Zerohuman
05. Delusions Of Grandeur
06. The Meaning Of Nothing
08. An Eye For The I
09. City Without Sould
10. Delusions Of Grandeur (Megalomania Remix)