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WORMED - Quasineutrality V.2 (digi) on sale

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  • Label: Willowtip

    Genre: Metal (Death/Grind)

    Format: CD

WORMED - Quasineutrality V.2 (digi)
Quasineutrality is a preview of what lies ahead in the world of wormed. 4 tracks of massive brutality layered with technical precision and sci-fi tractor beams. Journey through the cosmos with Wormed and prepare to be floored.Reissue of this single with bonus tracks.  Brutal death from this forward thinking Spanish band.  

1. Uncoloured Plasma Orifices Transported
2. Undeciphering The Inquantificability
3. Vortex Mitosis
4. Tunnel Of Ions (Live)