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WORMED - Planisphaerium on sale

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  • Label: Willowtip

    Genre: Metal (Death/Grind)

    Format: CD

WORMED - Planisphaerium
Originally released in 2003, Planisphaerium is the only official full-length released from sci-fi brutal death metal band Wormed. The band has developed a huge cult fan base comparable to Defeated Sanity. Devourment, and Gorgasm because of their unbelievable musicianship and brutality. Prepare to be Wormed.

1. Tunnel Of Ions
2. Geodesic Dome
3. Voxel Mitosis
4. Fragments
5. Ylem
6. Plnisphaerium
7. Pulses in Rhombus Forms
8. Dehydrating
9. Voxel Mitosis (Promo 2001)(Bonus)
10. Pulses In Rhombus Forms (DEMO) (Bonus)
11. Ectoplasmic Iconosphere (D1) (Bonus)
12. Ectoplasmic Iconosphere (D2) (Bonus)
13. Floating Cadaver In The Monochrome(Bonus)