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WICKED KING WICKER - Evolving on sale

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  • Label: Cold Spring

    Genre: Experimental (Drone/Soundscape)

    Format: CD

Brand new studio album from Wicked King Wicker. WKW return to Cold Spring with their seventh album proper. Thick, black noise is underpinned by monolithic, crawling doom, in a way that only Wicked King Wicker can deliver. Total annihilation spread over 4 immense tracks. 45 minutes of music to shatter souls. Features cover art from Steve Cerio (The Residents’ regular designer).

1. The Devil Must Learn The Limitations Of The Host (10:00)
2. A Prayer For Death (15:36)
3. Zen And The Art Of Nihilism (12:41)
4. The High Exalted Nothing (7:30)