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VIISIKKO - IIII (LP) on sale

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  • Label: Svart Records

    Genre: Metal (Dark Metal)

    Format: Vinyl

Viisikko, whose name translates as The Famous Five, is not a group of child detectives but a mysterious group of people from Oulu, northern Finland, who among other things create quite a terrifying racket that taps into the same unending source of inpiration bands like Black Flag, Melvins, Radiopuhelimet and Dead Kennedys have drawn from.

An amalgam of classic rhythm-based hardcore and slight sludge metal influences, Viisikko's "IIII" is the first time the band's music is available to a wider audience. 
Having played together since 2007, the band released the album as a self-financed tape in 2011. The tape caught the attention of Svart Records, and this cult album is now being reissued on vinyl, wrapped in gatefold covers and limited to 400. The band keeps a decidedly low profile and refuses to give any lineup info or appear in photographs. 

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