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VERGLAS - Joies Funèbres (Cassette) on sale

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  • Label: Tour De Garde

    Genre: Metal (Black Metal)

    Format: Cassette

VERGLAS - Joies Funèbres (Cassette)
This is the reissue of the debut promo cassette of Verglas is now available on a nice pro-cassette. Originally released in 2009 and limited to 50 copies, this cassette was distributed for free as a promotional cassette. It contains over 65 minutes of raw and putrid material recorded between 2006 and 2009. Killer, vile, punk influenced black metal from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

1. Agonie  
2. Le Sablier  
3. Pâle Domination  
4. Militant  
5. Perdre  
6. Asphyxie Planétaire  
7. Militant II  
8. Pour Hanter  
9. Halte  
10. Restants  
11. La Riposte des Sols  
12. Teint  
13. Gercé  
14. Globalisétouffer  
15. Sentiers  
16. Saintes Taches  
17. Culte de Haine  
18. Flétrie  
19. Outro