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UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS - Mind Control (slipcase) on sale

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  • Label: Metal Blade

    Genre: Rock (Psychedelic Rock)

    Format: CD

UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS - Mind Control (slipcase)
Imagine the original ALICE COOPER BAND jamming in a cell with early BLACK SABBATH and THE STOOGES, whilst sitting on murder charges and you may get a glimpse into their fuzzed up world of exploding tube amps and cymbal smashing mayhem. It is a fact that Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats have, in recent times, become one of the most talked about rock bands currently in existence. Mind Control is their 3rd full length, and it does not disappoint.

01. Mt. Abraxas
02. Mind Crawler
03. Poison Apple
04. Desert Ceremony
05. Evil Love
06. Death Valley Blues
07. Follow the Leader
08. Valley of the Dolls
09. Devil’s Work