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THIS RUNS ON BLOOD - The Ocean In Black & White (LP) on sale

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  • Label: End Theory

    Genre: Hardcore/Punk (Hardcore)

    Format: Vinyl

THIS RUNS ON BLOOD - The Ocean In Black & White (LP)
This Manic slab takes This Runs on Blood on an even stranger ride this is a new sound for modern hardcore. Samples,noise, screams and still no bass. After a 12inch EP, The Youngre Strangre 7″ and the split 7 with Portland brutal grind outfit Transient. This Runs on Bloods first true full length shows a new level of song writing and experimentation spazztic truly epic and I believe something new for hardcore and punk as a whole. Featuring more amazing art work by nil ultra.

Skeleton Key, Sterile Graft Vs. Host
One Inch Of The Map
Segue II (Canvas'd Map)
Dead Drugs
On The Ambulance Floor
Committing Crimes Worth Committing
Sound The Alarms And Swallow The Guards
Trashy Widow Wax Museum
Portrait Of Trash Rat
Stolen Hex On The Cataract
Bleached Black Ambulance
Turn Us Off With Aesthetics