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THE LAST RESORT - Skinhead Anthems on sale

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  • Label: Captain Oi

    Genre: Punk/Oi!

    Format: CD

THE LAST RESORT - Skinhead Anthems
The first release ever on legendary punk label Captain Oi! gets a brand new re-issue!

Originally released in 1982 and known for the epic anthem King Of The Jungle, this album has been cited as a major influence on modern hardcore punk bands such as Death Threat and Sick Of It All, with Rancid s Lars Fredrickson declaring it his favorite album of all time!

Bonus tracks include rare alternate mixes and versions!

Led by the legend that is Millwall Roi Pearce, the Last Resort were yet another band to emerge from the "Strength Thru Oi! launch pad. Unable to afford a vinyl single they released their debut recordings on cassette (now a super rare Oi! collectable) and followed up with their own self financed album, "A Way Of Life- Skinhead Anthems (the favourite album of all time of Rancid guitarist Lars Frederiksen). 

They really were one of the first DIY Oi! bands! Their Crucified Skin imagery has become something of a must have tattoo for many Skinheads and their songs have been covered by the likes of Madball, Sick Of It All, Death Threat and Harley Cro-Mag amongst others If that ain t proof of their influence and importance then I don t what is!. --Official Press Release

1. Freedom
2. Skinheads In Sta-Press
3. Rebels With A Cause
4. King Of The Jungle
5. We Rule O.K.
6. Changing
7. Lionheart
8. Rose Of England
9. Violence In Our Minds
10. Resort Boot Boys
11. Red, White And Blue

12. Stormtroopers In Sta-Press
13. King Of The Jungle (Alternate Mix)
14. Resort Boot Boys (Alternate Mix)
15. Oi Oi Skinhead