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SUPPURATION - A River Of Corpses on sale

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  • Label: Brutalized Records

    Genre: Metal (Death Metal)

    Format: CD

SUPPURATION - A River Of Corpses
The wound suppurates again in SUPPURATION’s second album. Sicker than ever, this new material is loaded with dense and gore riffs, the incessant and infecting drums (ex-Purulent) keep on beating the injure, and the deep vocals will lead you to a certain gangrenous that will leave no exit but amputation of all your rotting extremities. If you are into Brutal Death/Grind do not hesitate in supporting this band with a great and unique production, as never seen before in Colombia. Includes a Haemorrhage cover.

01. Stormy Childhood
02. Murmurs Of Disaster
03. Final Disease
04. Perverted Mind
05. The Abyss Of Nightmares
06. A River Of Corpses
07. Malignant Deformity
08. Eating The Christians
09. Slut Decapitator
10. Hunter Of Flesh
11. Obnoxious (Surgeon Of The Dead)(Haemorrhage Coer)
12. Drugs, Sex & Grindcore