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SOULEDGE - Blood Has No Limit on sale

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  • Label: Brutalized Records

    Genre: Metal (Death Metal)

    Format: CD

SOULEDGE - Blood Has No Limit
Killer, remarkable and impeccable production from these Colombian sickos. Dense, fast and clean riffs, blast-beat-drum firing, and high & low gutturally extreme voices which scream the deranged acts of a psychopath, create an unique and original advanced Death Metal style at the level of the most truly serious MALEVOLENT CREATION, HATEPLOW and VITAL REMAINS fans. The gates of the Colombian Death Metal state-of-the-art have been opened and once youÌre in thereÌs no turning back. You are in the assassinÌs domain, so start begging for a quick death. 

01. No Life
02. Blood Has No Limit
03. Demons Hunting
04. Addicted To Flesh
05. Insane Breed
06. Hate Effect
07. Toxic Control
08. Human Thought Prototypes
09. Infernal Ground
10. God Of Nothing