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SILMIENVAIHTAJAT - 1985-1986 on sale

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  • Label: Svart Records

    Genre: Hardcore/Punk (Punk)

    Format: CD

Joensuu 1985 - 1986 worked as Silmienvaihtajat is a short account of their age , even had time to become a cult Band ; levyttämätön assembly created a still life in abundance in default music. The paradox is possible because the Eye -changers followed Mana Mana came up to the studio and recorded Gaga goodies , a company the album " The truth will return ." Release album in 1990 was exceptional in many ways , but still fueled by the view is to put most of the tracks moments of birth years of 1985 and '86 . At that time, Finland was the Dingo , Night , Tanna and Skädäm hype stamped chiffon is it about big hair and the equipment promised land . Silmienvaihtajien music was , therefore, time to say the least originality , and it continues to be so .
This fall marks the 20th anniversary Jouni Mömmön death, and to honor his memory by Svart Records will release a double vinyl and a cd compilation of printed Silmienvaihtajat - recordings . Material , and the hunt for the assessment has been involved in the whole Silmienvaihtajien band of players and mastering the challenging material is a special commendably done Pentti Dassum . Both editions have included extensive sued based on the memoir shares , as well as song texts and graphics as templates have been found a real treasure , most of the song texts and a lot of other labels include proof Mömmön notebook. The band has also failed to find a large sample of photos, and they are , of course, involved in both vinyl and CD editions of the . Portions of the text corresponds to once a big mush sivunneen paper (" What is your sky ?" ) Made a musician Jarkko Martikainen . Taking into account the Jouni Mömmön last years of life , will be part of the Silmienvaihtajien board to donate the proceeds preventive mental health work .
Silmienvaihtajat is the best band that you most likely have not yet heard .

1. Kristinusko
2. Pyhä sota
3. Paniikki
4. Vaarallista
5. Ilmestyskirjan peto
6. Valtatie
7. Ketä sä rakastat
8. Maria
9. Totuus palaa
10. Kesäaika
11. Aikuiset miehet
12. Liisa
13. Hän on paha
14. Ruusu, tulppaani ja peyote
15. Murheen laakso