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SERPENT THRONE - Brother Lucifer on sale

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  • Label: Prophase

    Genre: Rock (Stoner Rock)

    Format: CD

SERPENT THRONE - Brother Lucifer
Serpent Throne deliver a mighty fine instrumental record for your listening pleasure. Although a fairly recent band, the record Brother Lucifer is topnotch instrumental doom / stoner and hasn’t shown any signs of wear after heavy, repeated listening.

With three records already on their name, their fourth effort may be their best to date. Hailing from Philadelphia (the city, not the cheese), Serpent Throne deliver what well may be the best instrumental piece of stoner rock this year. Serpent Throne manage to sound enthralling without leaving you wondering if a singer would spice up things even more. Just like the early records of Karma To Burn. -

1. Foxtrot Tango Whiskey
2. Enough Rope To Hang Yourself
3. Devil's Breath
4. Brother Lucifer
5. Widowmaker
6. As The Crow FLies
8. Napalm Morning