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SACRED MOTHER TONGUE - Out Of The Darkness on sale

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  • Label: The End

    Genre: Metal (Progressive Metal)

    Format: CD


EMI Label Services are proud to announce the release of Sacred Mother Tongue’s  second album, ‘Out Of The Darkness’. The eleven track collection is a truly stunning piece of work, showcasing the band’s huge ambition and quantum leap forward in vision and scale. 

A fascinating and cohesive body of work, linked thematically by lead singer Darrin South’s journey through depression into a new realisation of happiness, ‘Out Of The Darkness’ is as bold and beautiful an example of superlative songwriting and epic drama as you’re likely to hear in 2013. 

Created by all four members of the band, the album sees Darrin step to the fore as one of Britain’s premier rock vocalists, replacing his screams of yore with a more melodic approach, perfectly complemented by the world-class guitar skills of Andy James. With Lee Newell and Josh Gurner’s inventive powerhouse rhythm section underpinning each track, ‘Out Of The Darkness’ is a masterclass showcase in creating an album of true light and shade.

Produced by Scott Atkins (Behemoth/Sylosis/Cradle of Filth) the album hints at the power of Metallica, the melody of Alter Bridge, the darkness of Alice In Chains, the virtuosity of Children of Bodom and the visceral edge of Machine Head, whilst bringing a uniquely British sensibility to these stadium-rocking influences.

‘Out Of The Darkness’ follows the massively acclaimed release of their EP ‘A Light Shines’ in September of this year which provided a taster for the full-length masterpiece to come. 

1.  Demons
2.  Bird In Hand
3.  Seven
4.  Pawn
5.  Bleeding Out
6.  A Light Will Shine
7.  The City Is Crying
8.  Just A Ride
9. Evolve/Become
10. Believe