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RUNNING WILD - Resilient on sale

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  • Label: SteamHammer

    Genre: Metal (Power Metal)

    Format: CD

RUNNING WILD - Resilient
2013 release, the 15th studio album from the German Pirate Metal band. The album's opener is called 'Soldiers Of Fortune', and the title track, 'The Drift' and 'Run Riot' will be three typical Running Wild numbers. The most outstanding song on the album, however, is called 'Bloody Island', with almost ten minutes playing time, one of the longest tracks in Running Wild's history. Leader Rolf says: "As a composer, it's difficult for me to pigeonhole the new material stylistically, but friends who have heard the demo version of 'Bloody Island' claim that it would have fitted in on Pile Of Skulls." Rolf explains that Resilient is audibly tougher and more compact than its predecessor Shadowmaker, clearly enjoying his revived zest: