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RAMESSES - Possessed By The Rise Of Magick (digi import) on sale

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  • Label: Ritual Productions

    Genre: Metal (Stoner/Doom)

    Format: CD

RAMESSES - Possessed By The Rise Of Magick (digi import)
The time has come to unleash Possessed By The Rise Of Magik, the eagerly anticipated, brand new full length from the widely acclaimed metal alchemists, Ramesses. Not just a title, Possessed By The Rise Of Magik is more a statement in response to the cathartic affects of this album, once you submit yourselves, it is impossible to resist its deadly charms. It sees the band capturing the ritualistic side of their nature to great effect without resorting to costumes, props and make-up. They incorporate the ideas, images, symbols and sigils of influential occult British artist Austin Osman Spare into their own spaced out grim craft to create a new magikal language. (The spelling of the word ‘MAIGK’ as opposed to, for example, the traditionalL ‘MAGIC’ or Crowley’s own interpretation of ‘MAGICK’ reflects this thought process) . Recording in trances and automatic writing are key techniques in the creation of this next step in the Ram’s Family journey to the end!

Invisible Ritual 3:38
Towers Of Silence 6:02
Sol Nocivo 9:05
Plague Beak 8:10
Duel 7:22
Safety In Numbness 6:12
Possessed By The Rise Of Magik 10:59