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PUSHMEN - The Sun Will Rise Soon On The False And The Fair (digi) on sale

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  • Label: The End

    Genre: Metal

    Format: CD

PUSHMEN - The Sun Will Rise Soon On The False And The Fair (digi)
The pedigree of Pushmen’s parts are impressive to begin with: vocalist Craig Moore and guitarist Joey Cortez (Employer Employee, Ratking, Sea of 1000), guitarist Mark Nathan (Heartless Bastards), drummer Kevin Fender (The Sword), and bassist Cooper (Made Out Of Babies, Bad Powers, Players Club). This in turn makes the ‘whole’ a brutalizing result with years of experience, style and attitude to back it up. Aptly named after the Japanese subway workers who physically stuff human beings into crowded Tokyo commuter trains, Pushmen do the same to your sensibilities.
 Its 9 blistering tracks will not release you until you beg it to. It is an Opus born from the years of experience that seems to have finally come together for these five metal journeymen.

01. Child From Chaos
02. Vortex Philosophy Blues
03. Amass
04. Blaze Some More Hate
05. The Year Of Hands & Neck
06. Born Again Too Late
07. ...Silenus Beside Me
08. Crime Again
09. Western Medicine