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PLOW UNITED - Marching Band (LP) on sale

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  • Label: Jump Start

    Genre: Hardcore/Punk (Punk)

    Format: Vinyl

PLOW UNITED - Marching Band (LP)
The first new Plow United record in 15 years, Marching Band isn't a comeback, it's a never left. Twelve tracks of signature Plow United urgency with poignant, intelligent, and introspective lyrics the band is known for. If you thought Plow United was one of the most important Philly-area bands in the early to mid 90's, this record will remind you why, and certainly reaffirm why you liked this band in the first place. 

1.Human 2000 01:16
2.Act Like It 02:06
3.Cui Bono? 02:43
4.Shaking 02:21
5.The War Is Over and Our Side Won 01:13
6., Deeply 03:42
7.Next Five Minutes 03:01
8.Water Rights 01:50
9.The World Is a Slum 02:08
10.Get Low 02:20
11.The Beginning of the End of the World 02:15
12.Meggers 02:40