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PAGANIZER - World Lobotomy on sale

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  • Label: Cyclone Empire

    Genre: Metal (Death Metal)

    Format: CD

PAGANIZER - World Lobotomy
In 1994 Terminal Grip was started. Four years and two demos later the band was transformed into PAGANIZER, a beast that steadily started to spew forth thrashing death metal the oldschool way. During the late 90s and the 00s several releases was released on several labels, albums like ‘Deadbanger’, ‘Promoting Total Death’, ‘Dead Unburied’, ‘Murder Death Kill’, ‘No Divine Rapture’ and ‘Carnage Junkie’ solidified their brand of ugly brutal yet catchy death metal. After a European tour through Spain and Portugal the band reformed after a short break and signed to Cyclone Empire who released the ‘Scandinavian Warmachine’ album as well as the highly recommended ‘Into The Catacombs ‘ (2011).
Now its time to expand the filth and spew forth the new album ‘World Lobotomy’ which holds again 12 new songs, all ranging from oldschool Swedish death metal to crusty grinding attacks and more epic massive beasts. Be ready for the next blast of this undeniable death-machine!

1. Prelude To The Lobotomy
2. World Lobotomy
3. The Sky On Fire
4. Mass Of Parasites
5. As Blood Grows Cold
6. Ödeläggaren
7. You Call It Deviance
8. As The Maggots Gather
9. Trail Of Human Decay
10. The Drowners
11. The Last Chapter
12. Hunt Eat Repeat