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ONSLAUGHT - VI (import LP) on sale

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  • Label: AFM

    Genre: Metal (Thrash/Speed Metal)

    Format: Vinyl

ONSLAUGHT - VI (import LP)
UK thrashers ONSLAUGHT have become one of THE bands that are now synonymous with the brilliance of and endurance of today’s thrash movement and it is to the delight of fans and critics around the world when the band announces the release of a new record… Time once again to prepare, because the band, led by charismatic singer Sy Keeler and powerhouse guitar duo Nige Rockett and Andy Rosser-Davies, is set to set the world of thrash on fire again with new album “VI”!! Put simply, if you like your thrash metal ‘Uncompromising’ and with that extra edge, then this is the album for you and September 20th 2013 (UK: September 23rd, USA: September 24th) is your wake-up call.
On first listen tracks such as “Chaos Is King” (the furious opener), “Children Of The Sand”, and “Dead Man Walking” pin ears to the speakers and prove that a move to producer ‘Plec’ Johansson (who mixed the finished article) has given the Keeler vocal an edge that even their definitive 80’s years couldn’t quite capture. With a groove that is dominant, ONSLAUGHT are once again where they should be, ripping up the form book!

1. A New World Order
2. Chaos Is King
3. Fuel For My Fire
4. Children Of The Sand
5. Slaughterize
6. 66 Fucking 6
7. Crucifiction
8. Dead Man Walking
9. Enemy Of My Enemy