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OKTA LOGUE - Tales Of Transit City on sale

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  • Label: The End

    Genre: Rock (Indie Rock)

    Format: CD

OKTA LOGUE - Tales Of Transit City

For a young band they know how to connect an “old” sign with a “new” one, how to immediately cross a positive particle with a negative one, so to speak. They understand how to counter and how to neutralize the effect and thereby still keep the thrill upright.
“Tales Of Transit City” is a damn good second album that casually and sexily frees itself from the vintage-trap and retro-drawer, that beats itself with its own weapons and which takes a decisive step towards pop without losing itself in clichés, pomp or kitsch. A serenity, sovereignty and candidness born of this freedom draws our attention in every song and in every note of “Tales Of Transit City” - much stronger, but also much more self-evident as on their debut “Ballads Of A Burden”.

Track List:

1. Transit
2. Mr. Busdriver
3. Dream On
4. Let Go
5. Chase The Day
6. Judith
7. Cats In The Alley
8. Just To Fall Asleep
9. You