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OBSECRATION - Into The Bloodemonium on sale

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  • Label: Secret Port Records

    Genre: Metal (Death Metal)

    Format: CD

OBSECRATION - Into The Bloodemonium
7th CD release from these death metal group from Greece. Guest vocals by Necrohell and Slaughtered Priest.

01. We Spit On Your Fuckin' Grave
02. I Am THe Unholy Child
03. A Real Intenscribable Horror's Table
04. Captive In Dementia's Bonds
05. A.P.D.-T.W.B.T.G. (The Morbid Way A.D. MMXIII)
06. The Dream Qyest Beyond The Unknown Graves
07. Nightmare Without Name
08. Creative Incitement (Into Reality A.D. MMXIII)
09. I Remember My Body Rotting
10. Drowning In Blood
11. Road To Redemption
12. Blessed Is The Bloodshed Of The Faithful (Outro)