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NUX VOMICA - Nux Vomica (colored LP) on sale

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  • Label: Relapse

    Genre: Hardcore/Punk (Crust)

    Format: Vinyl

NUX VOMICA - Nux Vomica (colored LP)
Portland, OR's underground crust miscreants NUX VOMICA unleash their Relapse Records debut and first full-length album in over 5 years. Blending the suffocating atmospherics of doom / sludge with the raw ferocity of black metal, punk and d-beat, NUX VOMICA construct an organic heaviness caught somewhere between Neurosis and His Hero Is Gone. Their self-titled LP is a 3 song, 40+ minute emotional odyssey into the depths of human darkness. A flawless combination of epic song structures with crushing melodies and colossal riffs with powerful dynamics, NUX VOMICA is a truly captivating listening experience that will appeal to fans of anything extreme.