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NOSCE TEIPSUM - At the Heart of Hell on sale

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  • Label: Metallic Media

    Genre: Metal (Black Metal)

    Format: CD

NOSCE TEIPSUM - At the Heart of Hell

The deluxe reissue of Nosce Teipsum's CD "At the Heart of Hell" is now available via Metallic Media!
Nosce Teipsum deliver pummeling Misanthropic Black Metal from the Ukraine! 
This new edition includes 6 bonus tracks (the "Riders of Human Death" Demo from 2011), & features all new artwork & layout + all tracks have been remastered exclusively for this release!

1. Entering Hells Gate 00:47  
2. At the Heart of Hell 04:40  
3. Psychology of Genocide 05:11
4. The Rise of Evil 01:06  
5. Death Block 04:07  
6. Blitzkrieg 04:03  
7. Angel of Death 04:22  
8. D9 04:09  
9. Thy Path to Eternal Eternity         10. Fast Total Death 02:03  
11. Absence of Light 04:00  
12. Riders of Human Death 03:19 13. My Black Death 02:50  
14. Flesh of Disgust 02:53  
15. The Truth of Existence (Tribute to Bal-a-Myth)  03:03