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NOISEAR - Turbulent Insurgence on sale

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  • Label: Willowtip

    Genre: Metal (Grindcore)

    Format: CD

NOISEAR - Turbulent Insurgence
One of the most forward-thinking grind acts in extreme metal today are returning with another album of spontaneous, off-the-wall, grindcore pandemonium! Completely written in one day and recorded in the span of 48 hours, NOISEAR’s Turbulent Resurgence is full-on grind disharmony to the max.

1. Intro
2. Pressure Blast
3. There Is No God
4. Black Trust
5. Indifference
6. Justifiable Homicide/Legal Gangsters
7. Grains Of Sand
8. Educate Hatred
9. Inflated Ego
10. Statue
11. Blood Bag For The Leeches
12. Intermission
13. Surrounded By Control
14. Born Alone, Die Alone
15. Murderous
16. Less Fashion, More Thrashin'
17. Broken Cycle
18. Black Holes
19. Harsh Reality
20. Arm Yourselves
21. 6 Million Miles
22. Fiery Rebirth
23. Outro