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NODZZZ - Innings on sale

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  • Label: Woodsist

    Genre: Rock (Indie Rock)

    Format: CD

NODZZZ - Innings
Innings is the second full-length from garage-pop trio Nodzzz and their first for New York imprint Woodsist. Its simple title is a nod to their origin: songwriting core Anthony Atlas and Sean Paul Presley met playing baseball in Olympia, Washington, and started Nodzzz upon relocating to San Francisco. The album offers fourteen discretely memorable songs in the band's growing idiom-neurotic power-pop antics and jangly, shambolic post-punk-and follows a string of acclaimed records that began with their debut single in 2007, I Don't Wanna (Smoke Marijuana), which jumpstarted San Francisco cult-DIY label Make a Mess Records (subsequent home of similar debut records by Grass Widow, Brilliant Colors, White Fence and more), and was followed by a beloved, albeit short, seventeen-minute self-titled LP and the True to Life single, both on NYC's What's Your Rupture? label."

01. Always Make Your Bed  
02. I'm Not A Wanderer  
03. Fear of Advice  
04. Time (What's It Going To Do?)  
05. Ye Olde Indian Towne  
06. Troubled Times  
07. True to Life  
08. Heyday Past Heyday Due  
09. Old Clothes  
10. Family Name  
11. (Low) Energy  
12. Love Is Code  
13. Primitive  
14. Spirit & Soul