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NIHILIST - 1987-1989 on sale

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    Genre: Metal (Death Metal)

    Format: CD

NIHILIST - 1987-1989
Release of all Nihilist's Recordings from 1987 to 1989 Before the Band Changed their Name to Entombed.

NIHILIST "Premature Autopsy" Demo 1988
Sentenced To Death
Supposed To Rot
Carnal Leftovers
  NIHILIST "Only Shreds Remain" Demo 1988
Abnormally Deceased
Revel In Flesh
Face Of Evil
  NIHILIST "The Head Not Found" Session 1989
Morbid Devourment
  NIHILIST "Drowned" Demo 1989
Svere Burns
When Life Has Ceased
  NIHILIST "The Drowned Sessions" 1989
Radiation Sickness (Repulsion)
Face Of Evil
  ENTOMBED "But Life Goes On" Demo 1989
But Life Goes On
Shreds Of Flesh
The Truth Beyond