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NEUTRON HAMMER - Iron Storm Evocation (LP) on sale

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  • Label: Primitive Reaction

    Genre: Metal (Black/Thrash Metal)

    Format: Vinyl

NEUTRON HAMMER - Iron Storm Evocation (LP)
The raw and ravenous air of Iron Storm Evocation, the debut full length offering from Finnish black metalers Neutron Hammer, belies what an addictive little beast it is. It is not a release which arguably lingers long after its departure in ear and mind but in its company it is a festering stomp of an album to fall in league with and enjoy thoroughly.

1. Sodomorgia
2. Devastation Ritual
3. Death Throne
4. War Fucking War
5. Contaminated Graves
6. Mass Murder March
7. Heretics of Iron Storm
8. Preacher of Blasphemy
9. Apocalyptic Rites
10. Menstrual Mass