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NAKED ON THE VAGUE - Twelve Dark Noons EP (vinyl) on sale

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  • Label: Sacred Bones

    Genre: Rock (Indie Rock)

    Format: Vinyl

NAKED ON THE VAGUE - Twelve Dark Noons EP (vinyl)
Having expanded from the no-wave two piece of Lucy Cliche and Matthew Hopkins to a fully fleshed out four piece including drummer Lachlan Vercoe and bassist Nic De Jong, our favorite Australian outcasts follow-up their 2010's full length on Siltbreeze. This EP is a bit lighter in mood and delivery; in the words of the band's own Hopkins it's a bit like, "Dracula fronting the B-52's". While Hopkins is certainly joking, opening track, "The Gift" is a perfectly modern homage to past dark lords such as Bauhaus and Christian Death.