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MZ. 412 - Nordik Battle Signs on sale

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  • Label: Cold Spring

    Genre: Metal (Industrial Death/Black)

    Format: CD

MZ. 412 - Nordik Battle Signs
Another Satanic tour de force from the overlords of Swedish Black Industrial! “Nordik Battle Signs” is a disturbing ordeal of Power Electronics, malevolent vocals, Industrial Noise with an explosive harshness. This Satanic ritual features the militaristic drumming of an infernal army, a collaboration with Ordo (Rosarius) Equilibrio and one track featuring voice-based noises from the band’s fan-base.
Remaster of the 1999 album with new artwork, drastically improved and completely remastered audio and 4 extra tracks (including the spectacular completed version of the long deleted ‘Legion Ultra’ 7″) in a matt laminate digipak with spot varnishing.

1. HZ 412 / Introduktion
2. Algiz – Konvergence Of Life And Death
3. Satan Jugend I
4. Legion Ultra (Completed Version)
5. Der Kampf Geht Weiter I
6. Der Kampf Geht Weiter II
7. Satan Jugend II: Global Konquering
8. Tyranor
9. NBS Act I: Begravning
10. NBS Act II: 14W
11. Multiple Deity Worship
12. In Hoc Signo Vinces