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MALIGNANCY - Eugenics on sale

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  • Label: Willowtip

    Genre: Metal (Death Metal)

    Format: CD

After twenty years of releasing some of the sickest and most brutal death metal from the Empire State, Malignany have written their most creative and refined album to date with Eugenics. The band has never sounded better and fire on all cylinders on this sci-fi concept album depicting the near extinction of mankind. A must have for all fans of creative, brutal death metal!

1. Type Zero Civilization
2. Eugenics
3. Extinction Event
4. Global Systemic Collapse
5. Cataclysmic Euphoria
6. Separatists
7. Monstrous Indifference
8. Cryptobiosis
9. Creatures Of Conformity
10. The Breach