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MAGNUS PELANDER - Magnus Pelander (digipack) on sale

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  • Label: Svart Records

    Genre: Rock (Psychedelic Rock)

    Format: CD

MAGNUS PELANDER - Magnus Pelander (digipack)
If you've paid any attention to the vibrant retro rock scene in Scandiavia during the new millennium, chances are you've heard Magnus Pelander's soulful voice hovering over the power chords of the band Witchcraft.After leading his band to become one of the most successful acts in the global Black Sabbath worshipping doom/proto-metal underground community, Pelander refuses to rest on his laurels while Witchcraft are on a break. With the help of his acoustic guitar and a couple of fellow musicians, Pelander has recorded 21 minutes' worth of material, which we at Svart Records believe will be the start of a fruitful solo career. As a solo singer-songwriter Magnus Pelander has tapped into the same beautiful, curious vintage current he did with Witchcraft but with acoustic soundscapes and melancholic acid folk rock replacing heavy riffs. One can hear echoes of British folk rock and vintage singer-songwriters in these tunes, but Pelander's vision and voice are his own. They carry him through four songs that are an excellent showcase of this man's songwriting skills and his extraordinary ability to convey emotions through music.

A Sinner's Child
You Have Got No Friends To Turn To