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MACTATUS - Blot on sale

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  • Label: Soul Seller Records

    Genre: Metal (Black Metal)

    Format: CD

Mactätus performs cold, symphonic black metal with a melancholic edge to it. The riffs and melodies are generally pretty catchy, the music is composed and arranged rather well, and the band obviously knew how to infuse their songs with some variation and emotion back then. Also, the sound is neither too raw nor too polished and none of the instruments drown out the others, which is obviously a good thing. -Eternal Terror

Black Poetry 7:18
Sorgvinter 6:06
Knust Kristendom 3:55
Et Kaldt Rike 6:37
I Trollriket (Instrumental) 2:40
Vandring 6:27
Når Et Kristent Liv Er Fortapt 3:59
Hat Og Kulde 5:21