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KUOLEMANLAAKSO - Musta Aurinko Nousee (Digipack) on sale

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  • Label: Svart Records

    Genre: Rock (Psychedelic Rock)

    Format: CD

KUOLEMANLAAKSO - Musta Aurinko Nousee (Digipack)
In 2012, the Finnish doom-death scene saw newcomer KUOLEMANLAAKSO ascend directly to the ranks of its elite with the critically acclaimed SVART debut Uljas uusi maailma. ln the summer of 2013 the band entered a secret, secluded location in the forests of Finland, once again with acclaimed producer/engineer/guitarist V. Santura (Woodshed Studios, Dark Fortress, Celtic Frost, Triptykon). In the course of writing and recording, it was soon made obvious that KUOLEMANLAAKSO had not only enough material for a full-length album, but for an EP, as well.

"Our goal was to create the tightest and most balanced entities for both releases. The EP introduces our current style in a more straightforward and shorter form, whereas the full-length evolved into something more epic," states guitarist/keyboardist and main songwriter Laakso. "The EP tracks are quite different from one other, with each song displaying a different side of the band and what we are capable of."

1 Me Vaellamme Yössä (Edit) 4:50
2 Tulenväki 5:09
3 Kalmoskooppi 5:30
4 Musta Aurinko Nousee