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KOHU-63 - Valtaa Ei Loistoa (12") on sale

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  • Label: Svart Records

    Genre: Hardcore/Punk (Punk)

    Format: Vinyl

KOHU-63 - Valtaa Ei Loistoa (12")
1982 was a busy year for Tampere's hardcore punk combo Kohu-63. Having just released their debut 7" "Pelimannimusaa" in late 1981 the band soon returned with the mini album "Valtaa ei loistoa" and then topped the year off with first full length "Lisää verta historiaan". 
The Svart reissue of "Valtaa ei loistoa" presents the mini album in its original format for the first time since the original issue. Mastered for vinyl from the original tapes, our version also has the original insert. 

Viimeinen Valssi 2:05
Valtaa 1 1:28
Huorra 1:30
Aivopesu 1:43
Kulttuuriarmeija 1:24
Valtaa 2 1:51
Puhtaat 2:31
Härpsälä Kids 0:39