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JOEL GRIND - The YELLOWGOAT Sessions on sale

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  • Label: Hells Headbangers

    Genre: Metal (Thrash)

    Format: CD

The solo project of the selfsame TOXIC HOLOCAUST founder/frontman, JOEL GRIND's The Yellowgoat Sessions bears many similarities to the early days of TOXIC HOLOCAUST - especially the Critical Mass 2002 demo (also released by HHR) - but goes down a darker, dirtier, decidedly more primitive route. The (toxic) result is 10 tracks of raw and fuzzed-out rock 'n' roll / metal / punk in the vein of the first Bathory album and early Motorhead, take it or leave it! Says JOEL GRIND, "If you are looking for over-produced shit that passes as 'metal' today, this is NOT for you!"

1.Ascension (Intro )01:01
2.Hell's Master of Hell 03:17
3.Vengeance Spell 02:14
4.Foul Spirit Within 04:07
5.Cross Damnation 02:38
6.Grave Encounters 03:13
7.Black Order 02:26
8.The Eternal One 02:40
9.Hail to Cruelty 02:33
10.Descension (Outro) 00:46