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IUBARIS - Magnum Coeptum Satanicum on sale

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  • Label: Black Death Productions

    Genre: Metal (Black Metal)

    Format: CD

IUBARIS - Magnum Coeptum Satanicum
"Magnum Coeptum Satanicum" is an compilation of two previous EP and two bonus instrumental tracks. Twelve tracks and over 50 minutes of satanic Black Metal from northern Poland. Released on professional CD, limited to 500 copies!

1. The Winnowing
2. Swamp Fall Burial
3. Day of December 
4. Terra Incognita
5. Ars Sathanae II
6. Antigod
7. Rising Flame
8. The Journey
9. Rebirth
10. Ars Sathane
11. The Journey
12. Rebirth