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IRON CHIC - The Constant One (digi) on sale

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  • Label: Bridge 9

    Genre: Hardcore/Punk (Pop- Punk)

    Format: CD

IRON CHIC - The Constant One (digi)
Iron Chic's long-awaited sophomore full-length, The Constant One ups the band's ante, boasting nearly 40 minutes of their heartfelt, signature melodic punk, with big buildups, warm harmonies, and gripping climaxes. The band tackle somewhat altered subject matter from 2010's Not Like This with deeply embedded metaphors hinting at themes of communication, perseverance, and self-worth, making The Constant One no mere sequel, but rather its own set of cleverly cloaked ideas soundtracked by a bed of driving riffs and life-affirming, tremendous melodies.

1. The End
2. Bogus Journey
3. (Castle) Numbskull
4. Wolf Dix Rd.
5. Prototypes
6. Spooky Action at a Distance
7. Sounds Like a Pretty Brutal Murder
8. A serious House on Serious Earth
9. True Miserable Experience
10. Don't Drive Angry
11. What ever Happened to The Man of Tomorrow?