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INFINITY - Non De Hac Terra on sale

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  • Label: New Era

    Genre: Metal (Black Metal)

    Format: CD

INFINITY - Non De Hac Terra
The new full-length album of Dutch INFINITY will emphasize their position on the throne of the Dutch Black Metal scene: Eight unearthly tracks of powerfull, aggressive and melodic Black Metal in praise of Lucifer!

Hailing Absu, Dissection and old Immortal, a magnificent production, mastered by Funeral Winds' H.Xul at Necromanteion Studio and the coverpainting by master Necrolord (Emperor, Dissection, Bathory) makes this an essential release!

1. Non De Hac Terra
2. The Opponent
3. Reginam Aeternum Noctis
4. Beyond The Stars...
5. The Grey Stone Monument
6. Onwards The Funeral Pyre
7. Unholy Sacrament
8. The Inevitable Darkness