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ILDJARN - Strength And Anger (Reissue) on sale

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  • Label: Season Of Mist

    Genre: Metal (Black Metal)

    Format: CD

ILDJARN - Strength And Anger (Reissue)
In a ferocious assault on music itself, Ildjarn move a trademark style of raw and hypnotic information symbolism in riff form into the realm of both extremity and noise, in which all cycles return to their origins in either peace or abrupt destruction. Melted by unfinished friction layers of strings and mechanical percussion interweave with a hoarse and horrified scream of morbidity which cadences the unravelling of the cryptogram to each song.

Small bursts of variation on streams of intense and primal rhythm with one- and two-chord riffing to match an undulating bass/guitar throb that paralyzes small animals caught in the road, probe into the consciousness of the listener with the expansion of each song. It is both pop and aggressively removed from social appearance, inverting the easy listening of mainstream music to infectious but malevolent ear viruses. On this album the guitar becomes a bashing grind which gallops to a pace of escape before regressing, uneasily, into dark mood inducing rhythmic noise baths or slowly evolving ultimate minimalism in a chord, note or rumble being escalated to central metaphor. -

Strength and Anger I
Strength and Anger II
Strength and Anger III
Strength and Anger IV
Strength and Anger V
Strength and Anger VI
Strength and Anger VII
Strength and Anger VIII
Strength and Anger IX
Strength and Anger X
Strength and Anger XI
Strength and Anger XII
Strength and Anger XIII
Strength and Anger XIV
Strength and Anger XV
Black Anger (Hate Meditation I)
Midnight Strength, Black Anger (Hate Meditation II)