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ILDJARN - Ildjarn on sale

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  • Label: Season Of Mist

    Genre: Metal (Black Metal)

    Format: CD

ILDJARN - Ildjarn
Like a consciousness asserting itself with the joy of awareness of its own creation, the first release from Ildjarn splashes forth energy in a self-organizing form through riffs which are a codex of motions, textures and silences hiding a vast array of internal symbolism. This meme of subconscious instruction captures the essential motivations and fears of human existence and orchestrates a flight between them toward an expression of essential contentment and growth in being.

So natural is this mood that the music while perceptually jarring, distorted and confrontational remains intuitive to listeners who can exceed their conditioned boundaries of aesthetic. Song structures shift like scenery around a running escapee and the undulation of strumming between instruments forces a surprised grasp as a blast of cold water in the face will make an individual inhale sharply. Micro-riffs made of a few chords and the configuration of their texture and placement dominate this album, merging in groups and emanating essential themes through a selection of simple but insightful views. -

Skogsslottet (Castle Of The Woods)
Kulde (Cold)
Tåkeheim (Home Of Mist)
Snøen Dekker (Covered In Snow)
Skogssvinet (Beast Of The Woods)
Svarte Grangrunn (Blackened Soil)
Krigere (Warriors)
Atter En Gang (Once Again)
Nordiske Mørke (Northern Darkness)
Blikkets Storhet (The Grandeur Of The Sight)
Himmelhvelv (Black Skies)
Huset I Skogen (House Of The Forest)
Draumeheim (Home Of Dreams
Svarte Fjell (Black Mountains)
Mørkeheim (Home Of Darkness)
Himmelen Svartner (Blackening Skies)
Der Det Skjulte Lever (Home Of The Unknown)
Som En Ensom Borg (Like An Unknown Castle)
Vinden Biter (Frostbitten By The Wind)
Mørket Slynger Seg (Darkness Surrounding)
Skogrommet (Hidden Woods)
Innover I Dalsøkk (Entering …)
Lydløst Over Åsen (Silently Passing The Hill)
Tildekket Og Kald (Cold, Covered)
Det Mørkner (Darkening)
Dødmørke I (Darkness Of Death I)
Dødmørke II (Darkness Of Death II)