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ILDJARN - Forest Poetry (Reissue) on sale

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  • Label: Season Of Mist

    Genre: Metal (Black Metal)

    Format: CD

ILDJARN - Forest Poetry (Reissue)
In the style of older Bathory black metal is reformed as a droning, techno-basic attack of riffs changing rhythm and structure over a fixed, energetic, repetitive beat. Without the trance-inducing effects of Burzum the insidious nature of black metal's nihilism is less inductive than confrontational in an album of fast blasting material in which the major beat never varies. Relentless violence becomes beauty in the evidence of melody emerging behind the chaotic and droning battery, which reveals the core of an evil understanding: the structure within the aesthetic. -

Whispering Breeze
Blackened Might
Clashing Of Swords
No Gleaming Ligth
Blazing Eye
Sinking Deep
Chill Of The Night (Returning)
The Blade Flares In Red Light
Deepening In Grey
Midnight Interval
Away With The Dawn
Before My Eyes Forever
Reflecting Mountains
Borther Of The Forest
Dead Year
Dark December
Cold And Waste
Visions Of The Earth (2nd Returning)
Risen Seeds Of Time
Winter Embrace
No Place Nowhere