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HATESPHERE - Murderlust on sale

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  • Label: Massacre

    Genre: Metal (Thrash)

    Format: CD

HATESPHERE - Murderlust
In May 2013, HATESPHERE was ready to enter the studio and record this new beast. As on its predecessor, it was Tue Madsen who handled the production and Mircea Gabriel Eftemie (Mnemic) who did the cover artwork. With a line-up of very experienced musicians, this album shows HateSphere as we know them but also from its very diverse side. Typical thrashy HateSphere tunes like the title track and 'Punishable By Death', the heavy and rock-inspired 'The Violent Act' and last but not least the slow and atmospheric 'Fear Me' all show that the band dares to be different without losing their integrity.