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GRAVE DIGGER - The Reaper (2LP import reissue) on sale

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  • Label: Back On Black

    Genre: Metal (Heavy Metal)

    Format: Vinyl

GRAVE DIGGER - The Reaper (2LP import reissue)
A new line-up was formed except for the band leader, Chris Boltendahl and guitar player Uwe Lulis. The latter had convinced Boltendahl to release a new album in the first place, which was why he later on tried to get the name Grave Digger when he parted from the rest of the band (after the release of Excalibur). In this album there was a change towards darker lyrics and faster songs, as well as the start of the trend of featuring the Grim Reaper on the cover. The album cover image itself is a "Dance of Death" woodcut by 19th century German artist Alfred Rethel. Much of the material was written in the late 1980s, during Boltendahl's short-lived project, Hawaii.

Tribute To Death 1:27
The Reaper 4:14
Ride On 3:30
Shadows Of A Moonless Night 3:53
Play Your Game (And Kill) 3:23
Wedding Day 3:51
Spy Of Mas´On 3:57
Under My Flag 4:46
Fight The Fight 2:45
Legion Of The Lost (Part II) 6:18
And The Devil Plays Piano 4:00
Ruler Mr. H 3:39
The Madness Continues 1:34