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FLOOR - Floor (LP + 7") on sale

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  • Label: Robotic Empire

    Genre: Rock (Sludge Rock)

    Format: Vinyl

FLOOR - Floor (LP + 7")
Vinyl LP pressing including bonus seven inch single plus digital download. Like the sound of heaven collapsing, Floor ground to a halt in 2003, leaving in their wake a single proper full-length release - a thunderous, soaring Doom/Sludge/Pop/Rock hybrid to which nothing before or after can truly be compared. This brilliant monolith is the stuff of legend, laying the bedrock for what would come years later with Torche. With their monumental bomb-string tuning, the band delivers an unlikely but amazing combination of incredibly deep-tuned Doom Rock, sing-along harmonized vocals, bombastic rhythms and pop sensibilities that set them far apart from their contemporaries.

Scimitar 2:28
Return To Zero 2:20
Downed Star 2:45
Iron Girl 2:18
Night Full Of Kicks 3:32
Twink 0:53
Sneech 1:02
Assassin 1:52
Kallisti - Song For Eris 3:08
Ein (Below And Beyond) 3:24
Figured Out 3:19
Tales Of Lolita 2:02
Triangle Song 3:28